The creator of Artisen products has more than 20 years of experience in the elaboration of artisanal ice cream. Experience that was acquired by the teaching of his grandfather. Technique that has been part of the family, which is what differentiates Artisen from other ice cream manufacturers.

We are passionate when it comes to innovation. There are always new recipes and new flavors that we constantly make to determine what is best for our customers.


In Artisen Vegelato, we care everyone who comes to us. We prioritize our consumers well-being by offering high-quality Vegelatos and frozen desserts utilizing organic ingredients that are free from dairy, artificial additives, gluten, egg, nuts, and preservatives.


We inspire our clients, staff and teams to be the very best versión of themselves. We constantly strive to push the boundaries of traditional gelato-making, experimenting with unique flavor combinations, and introducing new dairy-free ingredients to create exciting and delicious gelato options turn into Vegelatos.


We empower people to take control of their lives and create the life they want to live. We believe in educating consumers about the benefits of dairy-free, organic Vegelatos, as well as the importance of sustainable and ethical food choices. Don´t be guilty to try Artisen Vegelato.


Support comes in many different forms; we have them all covered! Nobody is in this journey alone! Our values are focused on customers and providing exceptional service, consistently exceeding their Caring.


Manolo Betancur was born 46 years ago in El Carmen de Viboral Antioquia, Colombia, South América. He is the Owner, founder and CEO of Manolos Bakery, a recognized business in Charlotte , North Carolina for his constant contribution to the community as a social activist, as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. He recently received great recognition from the bread industry in the United States in November.
He is an immigrant, philanthropist, father of Julia and Emmanuel, local activist, and an American citizen by a remarkable decision of a United States Judge.

Manolo Betancur

Owner of Manolo´s Latin Bakery and Artisen Gelato. Colombian-born American Idea Entrepreneur.

Our Vision

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Our Mission

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Meet our team

Teamwork makes the dream work.