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Soursop Sorbet


Soursop sorbet is soft and creamy and is slightly sweet and a slightly sour at the same time. As its name implies, the soursop (also known as guanabana) is not the sweetest fruit grown in the tropical Americas. Its tart, almost earthy flavor is like a cross between pineapple and papaya. Soursop sorbet, like the spiny fruit from which it's made, can be a perplexing thing. The principal flavor doesn't show itself at first but rather materializes, spirit like, shortly after the creamy treat slides down your throat and intensifies until you take another bite. Serving Tip: Mango sorbet or Coconut vegelato is a great partner for this fruity sorbet. Good for spirit drinks combinations. Flavor Ingredient: Soursop Fruit. Base Ingredients: coconut milk, cane sugar, and dextrose.


Oh my mmmmmm! Don’t have words for this soursop sorbet. – dairy free. Size: Pint container. Vegan Product. Allergen Friendly: Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Gluten-Free, Egg-Free, and Nut-Free.

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Jalan Cempaka Wangi No 22, Jakarta

Outlet Location

Jalan Cempaka Wangi No 22, Jakarta

Nutritional Information

Fruits in Ice Cream, 82 gram

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